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Kimberly Adams was training for her first triathlon when she felt a sudden and excruciating pain in her neck.Acupuncture is an ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine.A: Those little pinpricks can be an effective way to manage pain.Specifically, studies show that acupuncture can alleviate the debilitating symptoms of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.When you insert an acupuncture needle into the surface of the skin at the area of the collagen loss, the needle creates a mild trauma in the skin.But your experience with acupuncture will depend largely on the acupuncturist and herbalist that you choose.

Acupuncture controls anxiety by affecting the part of the brain that regulates emotions, meaning it reduces anxiety naturally.

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A key point, though, is that in several studies, both sham acupuncture and real acupuncture relieved low back pain better than having no treatment at all.

Early acupuncture beliefs relied on concepts that are common in traditional Chinese medicine, such as a life force energy called qi.Learn more about acupuncture and its use as a complementary therapy in this expert-reviewed summary.

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All acupuncture practices involve the stimulation of specific points on the body using a variety of techniques, usually needles.Acupuncture is considered to be a family of procedures, not one single exact approach to pain or disease management.

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Acupuncture will not cure every condition, but it can work very well when it is indicated.Acupuncture used with TCM can work well for addressing autoimmune conditions and infertility.Acupuncture is indicated for functional problems such as those that involve paralysis, noninfectious inflammation (such as allergies), and pain.

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Because acupuncture has so many positive effects on the body with minimal incidence of side effects, it is often considered in creating an integrative medicine treatment plan.

Acupuncture has many uses, and some research has suggested that it may work for diabetes, although how it would help has not yet been explained.In New Zealand the government owned insurance company, ACC, allows up to 20 acupuncture visits to be funded in the treatment of herniated discs.In the past 2,000 years, more people have been successfully treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs than with all other health methods combined.Acupuncture stimulates the balance and flow of Qi energy that in Traditional Chinese Medicine is considered essential to health.The disruption of yin and yang energy, light and dark, day and night, is believed to be the chief cause for insomnia, according to acupuncture medicine.

Acupuncture is a healing art that may have originated in ancient China.Acupuncture is a component of the health care system of China that can be traced back at least 2,500 years.We are unfamiliar with this practice because we are a culture that is grounded in hard science and conventional medicine.

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Very few researchers have investigated the benefits of acupuncture specifically on hip pain, although one study showed improvements in pain following hip.Acupuncture is one modality of the entire system of Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture stimulates the balance and flow of Qi energy

In terms of a face-lift, only a face-lift can do what a face-lift does.

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So together they work on the face as a whole, complementing the results each treatment provides.Acupuncture is an alternative therapy that involves inserting thin needles into targeted areas of the body.Basically what the title says: Does acupuncture work in the treatment of any medical condition (as more than a placebo).

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